We have been in business for over 76 years morphing from a small tailoring shop in the mid 1930s to an eclectic uniform manufacturing company that reflects the many styles and interests of the early 21st century. We have manufactured US Army uniforms for WWII, suits for freed prisoners of war from concentration camps in Germany, marching and military band uniforms, and outfits for parochial schools, choral groups and cheerleaders. We supplied western wear, period costumes, amusement and theme park identity apparel, ROTC groups, National Guard, Marine Corps, Fire and Police department honor platoon regalia.

We’ve also received acclaim from our customers for restaurant & hotel uniforms, esthetician outfits, housekeeping & industrial uniforms, plus corporate and casual apparel.

Custom Uniform Company brings versatility, creativity, unique design/fashion/color concepts to otherwise mundane uniforms. Reflecting the evolution of society, we present changing styles, fabrics, and focus that have satisfied our customers throughout the years. We deal with special needs such as maternity uniforms and people with unique builds. There are no pre-established styles, fabrics, or colors. We are a company that is completely dedicated to its customers.

We are family-owned and we guarantee our work. We present a variety of ways for uniform access: ready-to-wear, custom-made, cut/make/trim (cut & sew), private label or customer label. We maintain a small workforce to stay flexible to customer requests. We are one of the few remaining companies in the United States that will manufacture in small quantities; this renders us unique.